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Tony Pollard helps businesses who want to have stronger, more committed teams.

Inspirational Strategist

As a nationally recognized leader, speaker and trainer, Tony helps businesses who want to have stronger, more committed teams through his business Tony Pollard Speaks. He understands how to unlock a teams’ potential to achieve a more collaborative environment often resulting in an increased bottom line.

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Driven By The Heart:

A Guide to Passionate Living

Imagine living completely from the heart. One where you discover your life’s purpose and improve all areas of your life: Family, Work, Friendships, Professional, and Personal Relationships. We were meant to live fully and completely without fear or compromise.

Living Life With Courage Resilience and Discipline

The Fight is Within Us All is an expose about living life to the fullest. Not allowing failure or setbacks to hinder our goals or dreams, but using those failures and setbacks to propel us forward. Each personal battle takes CRD. Courage, Resilience, and Discipline. To overcome those battles and help to shape us and prepare us for success. The Fight Within Us is my personal journey as a soldier in Desert Storm and how that event shaped me profoundly. This book is about living as a single father raising my daughter while still going after my dreams and goals. This mini book is about job failures and how they ignited me to start living for me and improving. If you are looking for personal growth and professional growth this is the mini book for you. My failures have led to my successes. I desire and want to help those looking for something simple to help them grow personally and professionally. I know that my own growth and how I overcame loss and failure can help. If you are a teacher, salesman, leader, manager, librarian, etc. you can use this little mini book to help ignite your fire and give you some tools to reach farther, do more, and grow. This is essentially one chapter of many to come. I hope you enjoy and I hope you realize and understand your fight and the fight within us all.


Do you want to be inspired? Read one or twenty chapters in Tony’s book, “From the Heart.” You will be motivated, inspired and encouraged. You will be able to share the heartfelt stories with your team, your children and your audience to inspire them too. This is a book you won’t want to put down and I guarantee that you’ll be picking it up repeatedly.

Deborah S. Reisdorph, Esq.

Author, Speaker, Attorney, Founder, BARE Bully Awareness Resistance Education, Inc.

We recently had Tony speak at our first annual employee training. Not only was he well received by our employees he was easy to work with, personable and spent extra time with our employees and the other speakers. His high energy and enthusiasm were amazing. You will not be disappointed when hiring Tony for your next event.

Stacey White

General Manager, Arab Electric Cooperative, Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Tony to help one of our Alabama Rural Electric Cooperatives transition Chief Executive Officers. His genuine realistic presentation style using real life successes and failure to connect to his audience is fantastic. I would highly recommend Tony’s presentations to any group looking to build a more effective team.

Matty Garr

Vice-President Statewide Services, AREA- Alabama Rural Electric Association

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