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As a nationally recognized leader, speaker and trainer, Tony helps businesses who want to have stronger, more committed teams through his business Tony Pollard Speaks. He understands how to unlock a teams’ potential to achieve a more collaborative environment often resulting in an increased bottom line.

Tony Pollard

His Story

Tony’s life experiences have shaped him. From each tough life experience from learning to walk with leg braces he wore as a child to a humiliating dismissal from a favorite job and many other challenges, Tony learned how to embrace adversity and never settled for less than he felt he could achieve. Tony uses his experiences to encourage others to see that the real battle is not the outside forces that try to destroy us, it’s the ones within. He now devotes his free time and energy to help others embrace their failures or those moments that were a punch in the heart, and win.

Tony has a master’s degree in educational administration and bachelor’s degree in education. He has taught every grade from K-12, coached football, soccer, and started his own successful janitorial business in college. He has 20 years of military service with the active Army and the National Guard. Currently, Tony works in the public education community, skillfully managing school transportation needs and leading a team of 350 people.

Tony’s Books

Driven by the Heart

A Guide to Passionate Living

Imagine living completely from the heart. One where you discover your life’s purpose and improve all areas of your life: Family, Work, Friendships, Professional, and Personal Relationships. We were meant to live fully and completely without fear or compromise.

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Imagine living completely from the heart. A life where you discover your purpose and improve all areas of your life: family, work, friendships, career and personal relationships. We were meant to live fully and completely without fear or compromise.

Our brains play a pivotal role in protecting us humans from harm. It is our heart though, that is willing to take on challenges and move us to greatness. It is our heart that gives us the ability to go the extra mile. It is our heart that gives us the strength to get in the ring and take on our challengers. When we are not living fully from the heart we are not giving our gifts to our families, the world, ourselves, or the universe.

It sometimes takes a failure or setback before we allow ourselves to live fully without fear. Those heart-stopping moments that awaken us to become who we were meant to be.

Driven by the Heart: A Guide to Passionate Living, is a must-read for those who are floundering such as young adults, early career professionals who have not found their true calling, or maybe the mid-lifer who has experienced setback and failure.

Abrupt, astonishing failure is just what Tony Pollard needed to finally allow himself freedom to live the life he truly wanted. In this book, he shares his story and those of many others who found their true heart’s calling and began living fully. Each story challenges us to not settle for less, serve our fellow-man, dream without fear, rise after each fall, and change our personal world and the world around us. If you are feeling like you could be doing more with your life, and you are ready to rise like a phoenix from a life that has kept you down, this book is for you.

Living Life

With Courage, Resilience and Discipline

The Fight is Within Us All is an expose about living life to the fullest. Not allowing failure or setbacks to hinder our goals or dreams, but using those failures and setbacks to propel us forward. Each personal battle takes CRD. Courage, Resilience, and Discipline. To overcome those battles and help to shape us and prepare us for success.

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