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Organizations and leaders have a vision for growth. They recognize the need to grow and transform as the landscape around them changes. They understand that challenges beyond their control affect their People, businesses, and inevitably their customers. Using research-based training Tony creates customized programs that will inspire participants to seek higher levels of achievement, ignite inner passion and purpose, and improve personal performance. Each session help participants unleash higher productivity, leading to greater profits and performance.

Leveraging Talents to Achieve Excellence (DISC Performance Presentation)

Summary of Session: This session will motivate the team to celebrate individual characteristics while building confidence in what the team can accomplish together. Using a motivational activity attendees will learn what makes each of the four personality types unique. Each person, knowing their type, will learn their strengths and weaknesses and learn how owning their style brings value to the entire team.

Essentials to Developing a Forward Focused Mindset

This session will motivate the team to activate thoughts and processes that will help them develop a future-focused mindset. Using motivational activities attendees will learn what makes each of us perform with Courage, Resilience, and Discipline. Each person will discover strategies that can help them start thinking positively to shape their futures.

Building your Brand to Achieve Performance Excellence

Great teams have similar characteristics and attendees will be introduced to real-life examples of teams that achieved excellence, such as a WWI infantry division and a Popsicle Hotline for a major hotel. These inspiring stories emphasize the value of each member of the team and how working together is directly related to personal performance, growth, and professional goals. Each example shows how great teams have been victorious and improved the lives of every single individual on the team.

Leading from the front, middle, and rear?

This session will help Leaders understand where they need to be to lead. Participants will be introduced to great leaders who lead from the front, the middle, and the rear. Each leader had great success that inspired their teams and businesses to achieve greatness in innovation and performance. Every leader will leave with strategies they can immediately put into effect to help their teams, managers, and leaders thrive.


Speaker Reel


Heart of a Warrior

Ken Blanchard Workshops

Building Trust

Building Trust focuses on helping individuals build or repair trust, using a simple yet powerful trust model and framework.

Coaching Essentials®

Coaching Essentials® focuses on helping leaders use coaching as a way of developing their people.

Conversational Capacity

Conversational Capacity will help both individuals and teams reach new levels of performance by learning how to engage in open, balanced, non defensive dialogue
about difficult topics.

First-time Manager/Blanchard Management Essentials®

First-time Manager/Blanchard Management Essentials® focuses on helping individual
contributors move into managerial roles.

Leading People Through Change®

Leading People Through Change® focuses on helping managers lead successful
organizational change efforts by understanding the different stages of concern and
adjusting their leadership style.

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